These vibes feel
violent, intrusive.
hurts… 😭😕😑

As we continue to awaken and expand in our perceptions, more and more people are perceiving varying degrees of information within their being. Many of these vibes/frequencies can feel painful.

It’s temporary. But it can hurt. A lot. And it’s ultimately a test for our being. For empaths who are working on their boundaries, this could be/feel quite challenging.

“Oh you are so sensitive!” — People will say. And they are right.

Empaths are indeed skillful at sensing varying degrees of feelings, emotions, and thought currents for example from another person.

What happens if you perceive extreme angry heavy feelings from another? It really helps to breathe it out (repeat often — deep slow breaths) and walk away if you can.

It also helps to engage in holistic practices to be in more alignment. Yoga and dancing have helped me a lot. Taking long “walking meditations” is also a great way to redirect the energy you just absorbed… Oh and a cold shower is a good remedy too!

Here is a personal example that happens all of the time.

The other day a woman interrupted a conversation I was having with another person because she was triggered by a word she heard me say.

Her tone was not loud, but her insistence to speak, to interrupt the conversation, to “correct me”, to make sure she got her urgent point of view across was strong.

The quiet feelings she was not expressing, I felt them hit my being like a tidal wave of emotion. It hit me so hard, I got temporarily dizzy and felt like I was going to pass out. My leg started shaking uncontrollably. I felt a compression in my chest that made it hard to breathe. It was my body’s way of processing everything I was perceiving/receiving. Yes, It felt like an energetic attack.

The irony is that for the observer it would probably seem like she was only conveying something with passion, but her body, hidden emotions, and thoughts were communicating much more and this is my point…

Empaths/Sensitive beings feel beyond what people are saying. They can feel/sense what is being withheld.

I felt so much of her pain, heaviness, tiredness, anger, frustration. She was carrying such a heavy load.

A bit more insight: Getting caught off guard like this… not fun. But I quickly recognized, she really needed to share.

It was was a force that would not be stopped. I was initially not prepared to hold this space. I was in a “day off” mode. It was a beautiful day. I was feeling fantastic, looking forward to sipping my first cup of coffee, and was engaging in a lovely conversation until she interrupted so abruptly.

Imagine everything within me that was challenged, triggered, and tempted. We were in a public space. I do not like being cut off. This is a strong boundary for me, especially at the assumption that you “know” where my sentence will end.

My fiery ram was baited to fire back as she interrupted me every time I tried to finish my sentence. She was determined to speak. I yielded. I stopped trying to talk.

Higher wisdom stepped in. With my body still trembling from the vibes I was perceiving. I knew I needed to find a way to ground. I slowed down my breath. I felt her pain. I listened with my whole body. I found a way to hold a space of compassion.

This woman needed to be witnessed.

Perhaps she felt safe enough to share her story in my presence. I continued to listen until she was done. Afterwards, she felt so much lighter and grounded. She then held space for me to finish what I had been trying to say. I offered my point of view… the one she had not been ready to hear before. She understood. We both smiled. I wished her well and went off to get my morning coffee.

Some takeaways: Feelings of anger and rage are normal. We should never feel embarrassed about having these feelings. We should not ignore them either or bottle them up or pretend they are not there.

Sooner or later these feelings can boil up to the top and burst out when you least expect it. When you recognize these feelings within yourself, it is important to figure out how to release pent up emotions.

Whether you are the one feeling into the emotions or carrying them, take a healthy physical action. Go to the gym, work out, dance, jog, run, do jumping jacks! Redirect the energy in a healthy way.

It’s better to hit the punching bag, than to hit another intentionally or unintentionally with the loads we carry.

Be gentle with yourself butterfly! We are all here learning in this big human university.

You are invited to listen below to the our podcast where I discuss this and more. Human State of Emergency, The Demon of Anger Y MasPodcast: Play in new window | Download “When we are angry, we can make the best speech we will probably regret.” Find…

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In gratitude, RA

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