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la shamanessa

Rosangel Perez is a Visionary, Medicine Woman, Story Teller, Community Wellness Activist, and Producer of Cafecito BreakLive Podcasts and Feel Good Community Events

Together RA and her sister Alex aka “The Perez Sisters” produce Cafecito Break.

RA and Alex during Season 1 of Cafecito Break – Live at the Hive

Ruthie Guten is also part of the Cafecito Family. RA and Ruthie livestream their show Mondays11am est on Cafecito Break.

RA and Ruthie were Speakers at The Podcast Movement – 2019

RA also offers group classes which include: Soulful Movement Yoga, Meditation, and Laughter Yoga Workout Party Class.

She also serves her community (with her sister Alex) by organizing health fairs, vendor markets, speaker series, and live podcasts that bring local vendors, artisans, healers, and conscious community minded people together.

They also collaborate and partner up with local organizations in NYC.

RA at City Hall Speaking about Affordable Housing with CUFFH
RA interviewing Vietnam War Vet and Domino Sugar Machinist – Frankie Ortiz

Cafecito Break

Currently in it 7th year of indie podcasting, Cafecito Break serves up insights mainstream won’t with coffee and lots of laughs. Hosted by RA, Ruthie, Alex, and Soul Tribe

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Podcast Producer

RA is the digital creator Cafecito Break | Indie Media and Live and Podcasts which include Cafecito Break, RA and Tremendo Bullship.

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RA and Alex also have a Metaphysical Crystal Boutique shop in Williamsburg Brooklyn called Botanikal. We offer guidance and simple tips for mind wellness and creating sacred space with yourself, your loved ones, your home or place of business.

The Perez Sisters also make appearances and are invited to speak about sisterhood, crystal 101, and the spiritual awakening journey at private events.

Alex and RA made an appearance at The Wing and spoke about sisterhood and Crystal 101.
Alex and RA at Buzzfeed – NY talking about Crystal 101

RA’s Podcast

Uncontainable. Soul. Raw. Mystical Wisdom RA’s Podcast

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RA has been hosting circles with people since the age of 13. She offers meditation, mind wellness circles, and soulful movement yoga.

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Our Shop

BOTANIKAL is a Metaphysical Boutique located in the heart of Williamsburg, offering hand selected crystals, crystal jewelry, gemstones, incense, sage, palo santo, ceremonial & cleansing herbs, pendulums,  journals, & more. #teenytinyshopoflove

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Cafecito Break | Feel Good Community Events

The Perez Sisters at Uncontainable | Cafecito Live on Stage

Cafecito Break has been serving the community of Williamsburg Brooklyn since 2011 via community events, vendor artisan markets, workshops, classes, donation drives, speaker events, and most of all our podcast.

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RA sharing a Gitana Arabic Soulful Dance
La Shamanessa