with Rosangel Perez – Online Zoom Class

The Invitation:
Let’s share the sacred language that brings people closer together… Laughter

Class Details:  It is estimated that adults laugh less than 20 times a day while children laugh up to 200 times a day.  
Laughter is natural medicine that helps de-stress, lightens moods, lessens feelings of grief and anxiety, it’s healthy for the heart, and it is easy to do. 
So why aren’t we laughing more?

Laughter is contagious when shared with others. Laughter helps to break down barriers and bring people closer together.  In this wellness session, Rosangel Perez will share simple Laughter Yoga breathwork exercises, which include hilarious expressions, a lil sound healing, feel good music, and a two minute group laughter meditation.

Examples of classes include: Crystal 101, Sisterhood Circles, Laughter Yoga Wellness, Appreciation Yoga, Merengue Yoga