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Testimonials “Rosangel is a bright light in dark times like we are finding ourselves in right now… The Appreciation Yoga circle she has created is a wonderful and safe place to explore how you are feeling, thinking, being, and a place to make community with awesome people who you might not otherwise ever get to know. I love getting to go to “Brooklyn” and visit RA and her sister and friends. I felt very welcome as soon as I joined the group and I enjoyed the way it flowed from conversation to stretching to laughter and journaling exercises (not necessarily in that order). If you are curious to try out Appreciation Yoga, I say GO FOR IT!” Zia Cross

“The Appreciation Yoga with Rosangel is definitely something I recommend. She holds wisdom and energy that is well needed, especially for these trying times. The space she builds will have you feeling safe and tranquil as you and the other students take part of this journey with her.” – J. Fells

“Rosangel’s appreciation yoga during this very challenging time has been a huge light and blessing. It’s such a wonderful way to stay connected to the community and meet new people who are also facing the challenge. I’m so grateful that Rosangel has opened this space for us to share together” – S. Hartlove “if you are looking for a place to feel safe and be connected with like minded people that this appreciation class is for you. In hard times like this makes me feel grateful to know that I have a family of people that are viewing life through the same lenses as me. It helps to ease some of the stress away and relaxes my mind.” Shay “This is a gathering like no other because it’s Facilitated by Rosangel Perez. It’s because she brings in her gentle, kind and unique way to assist you moving out of stuck spaces. All levels are welcome because this isn’t about checking your alignments in your tree pose but how aligned and in tune you are with yourself. Weeeepppaaaa! Eso fue un undecover fuetazo. Join in! Step out of your comfort zone! Give yourself some self care time!” – A. Burgos

“Thank you Rosangel! I love reading your posts and this is certainly a very powerful one for me. Tengo que compartirla en mi muro!!! : )” ~ E. Munoz De Ammerman (referring to blog post, “The Freedom To Feel”

“Made me cry… thank you. .. this is my journey too. Thanks to this piece I have decided to start writing again. Thank you for your magic Rosangel… its spark lit my ashes anew. Namaste my friend.” ~ M. Nieto (referring to Blog Post, “The Freedom To Feel”

“Happy Birthday. You are born to play the 10 of Clubs. Your gift is to be a teacher of knowledge. Shine the light of knowledge! I wish you good luck playing the game of your life.” ~ Alexander Dunlop – Spiritual Nutrition

“At this moment, a simple thank you seems most relevant since it’s hard to express how rewarding this path has been and will continue to be.  I have been moved to my core by joining this movement and know that it’s given me valuable insights to living a truthful, gentle and fearless life. mucho love to all of you who have taken this journey with me.” ~ D. Bender (regarding 29 Days of Gratitude)

“Your transparency is inspiring, original, and invigorating, Rosangel of the Amazing Femmes Perez!” B Hill

“Grateful and appreciative for this past month of the gratitude movement. Wrapping it up with the birth of my baby boy last night.” ~ Mari (regarding 29 Days of Gratitude)

“Oh the last 29 day’s have left me SOOOOO much more Enlightened I’ve felt a shift in me that is truly Magical and I’ve never felt more Calm and at Peace Each and Every single day I feel more Loving energy flowing thru me and around me and the Calm and Peace sets in and i’m truly in Absolutely in Awe of how Blissfully Happy and Content i’m feeling now Thank you for this Truly Glorious Ride of Love Love Love and Gratitude I’m SOOOOO Happy Excited and Extremely Gratefull for another 29 days WHOOP WHOOP lol Love Lives Here I love that SOOOOO much Love, Light, Peace & Harmony Always and Forever xoxoxoxox.” ~ Julie Fowlers (Regarding 29 Days of Gratitude)

“For a long time my heart has been telling me that it wants to be more present and real in my life. and i have ignored its calling because i have been afraid to take the risk of trying to make that is a work in progress ( isn’t everything ) but i am hoping that i am taking a few small steps in that direction. i think, after 27 days, i have come to realize that listening to my heart – my capacity to love – is why i am here. right now”. ~ David B.

“Yes! I am so grateful mis hermanitas started this movement, invited me, that I joined and managed to complete all 29 days….woooo hoooo! I must admit that I am proud of myself. More importantly it was truly a life changing experience on many levels. It provided me with a forum to go to on a daily basis and exposed me to a beautiful mindset and wonderful heartfelt words by genuinely loving people! It offered me new and motivating challenges to raise the heart frequency and increase the love energy through affirmation, movement and imagery!!! It provoked me to dig deep and sometimes just on the surface for all that I am grateful for! It created a time for daily life assessment and personal contemplation–meditative moment of loving acceptance for the good and the bad. This daily activity adjusted my attitude on life and about myself hence improving my relationship with others and being fierce about loving life and everyone! The Gratitude Movement enriched my life and expanded my world THANK YOU SISTERS”

It made me a believer that with LOVE all is possible!
I am grateful for a second round of 29 days of love alchemy”
Muchisimas Gracias Mis
HERMANITAS ~ Zunilda Sarete  (regarding 29 days of gratitude)

“WEPA, I love this type of inspiration from you and your ability to work with the universe, you are a breath of fresh air in this polluted world we live in, keep up the good work you’re doing, God bless.”  ~ Miguel A. Hernandez ~ Artist

“Rosangel is a wonderful person whose natural mission is help. She is a passionate and avid listener. Empathetic and encouraging, she will always be sure to help guide you with your truth in mind.  I have had the privilege of working with Rosangel in the past and have always been inspired by her strong work ethic and her open mind.She is honest, upfront, inviting and her professionalism is outstanding.  She is both inspiring and courageous in her endeavours and I have full trust in her thoughts, words and advice. Not only was she a great manager to me, but she has also been a great friend and trusted confidant. Rosangel is always willing to help anyone in any way she can. I am very grateful she is in my life.” -TMR

“WEPA, Coño tremendo tú eres una inspiración y me emociona la verdad en tus palabras, el cuerpo necesita un cambio de la vida diaria y necesitamos una forma de escape y soltar todas las cosas negativas botar todo tipo de energía negativa y todo que sea toxico a nuestra salud interna tanto como lo físico, mental y espiritual. El cuerpo en movimiento y en forma de bailé invocan emociones en nuestro ser mas profundo que surgen ser lo que es necesario para la reparación interna y externa hoy en nuestras vidas para existencia de la salud propia.” ~ Miguel A. Hernandez – Artist

“I have always enjoyed your classes and your events. I believe in you and the genuine love you bring ro everything you do.  You are the Laughter Yoga Dance Party that you want to see in the world.  Continue to share it mi hermana…. “~ Angela Orengo ~ Cafecito co-host/Entrepreneur

“Rosangel, You inspired the daily gratitude I practice everyday and it’s amazing how much my life has changed as a result of this. Thanks, love.”  ~ Mascia Noblia (regarding 29 days of Gratitude)

“Hey cuz! I just wanted to tell you today since i had no school i decided to listen to your “cafécito break” and i just wanted to tell you how proud of you i am! i loved what you said about how life falls into 2 categories, love or fear and how sometimes when things are going too well we expect something bad to occur and that we shouldn’t think like that.  I just wanted to say that i support you in what you do and i know its difficult with OUR family at times to support the more “worldly, spontaneous, lively, children of the earth” people like is and i just want you to know i love you …”  ~ Michael P ~Student

“I had the pleasure to work with Rosangel producing television shows for a major cable network. Under her management our production was flawlessly executed. She makes well-informed and quick decisions and I have been fortunate to experience her problem solving skills. Through example Rosangel taught me how to mediate and create comprise between parties involved in a common goal. She has exceptional interpersonal skills and I look forward to working with her on any project in the future.” ~Mark Bracero ~ Television/Media Producer

“I have known Rosangel Perez for about 3 years. At all times I have found Rosangel to be a person with natural leadership qualities. She is dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious, honest, peace-loving, courteous, and kind. Rosangel has excellent communication skills. In addition, she is extremely organized, reliable and patient. She’s is an amazing person with a great sense a humor. I truly miss working with Rosie!” -Monica Jaramillo ~ Producer

“Rosangel was my Manager for approximately a year and was one of the most diligent, poised, nurturing bosses ever! With every situation our team encountered, Rosangel handled it with grace and dignity. She treated me with the utmost respect and is an amazing person! If everyone in this world had her work ethic and kind persona, the world would be a better place!!” ~ Karen Goodman ~ Television Host & Producer