To hear the calling is one thing. To do the work, learn, and heal from it is another. To accept your calling and live it is often challenging. So many people assume its easy, light, and fluffy.

It is not. It’s filled with lessons, with darkness, with chaos, with tricksters, with people who hate on you because you dare to meet your brujita calling.

It’s knowing when to be vulnerable, open, and loving and also knowing when to put up your shields and get into warrior mode. This life teaches you there are many shades between light and dark. All these aspects are a part of us in some way. To face them… To work thru them takes great courage. And yet it is work that must be done if you want to heal and journey to wholeness.

Be gentle. And don’t forget to enjoy yourself along the way. This path is filled with priceless gems and beauty.
Be blessed. -RA @lashamanessa


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